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I am an artist working in Water Color, Oils, Glass and wood in North Central Indiana. I enjoy Plein Aire work the most but often find myself in the studio during the winter when the weather is less than desirable for working on location. I have always been an artist, memories of drawing are some of my oldest. My early influence came from looking at old magazine covers done by Norman Rockwell. Later I discovered the photography of Edward Curtis as he had struggled to capture the American Indians of the Southwest before that culture completely disappeared. then I found Andrew Wyeth and knew what I wanted to paint. The Egg Tempera and Water Color Paintings of Andrew Wyeth were simply wonderful and I was forever committed to painting the rural landscape and those that live there. It was then I realized I would never again see the land as I had before I painted it. Soon after it was Winslow Homer and his Water Colors that kept feeding my interest in this medium and a traditional approach to my art. While I left the life as a professional artist for a time I find my return to it at this point in my life refreshing. Life is a journey and I am turning towards home. Mike Yazel

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Revisiting the Spring Pasture

    Today I was stuck in the studio due to more rain and got out the Water Colors to have a little fun and thought I would the pasture again. Here is the Water Color I painted from the same reference photo I had taken with my phone during another rainy day last week. I like the liteness of the Water Color in landscapes such as this. the painting is 5x7 inches on 300lb Fabriano CP paper.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday Plein Aire

   Here is a little one I got in tonight while out painting with my son. We were on one of the trails in a 49 acre tree planting we have where the trees are 15 years old this spring. The singing birds were wonderful while we painted. Light was a little flat but we did the best we could with it.
  This is an oil on canvas panel, 8x10 inches and will be for sale on Etsy soon if yo are interested. Thanks for stopping by to take a look. I put in a shot of the location to so you could see what I was seeing while doing the painting.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Spring Pasture

   This is an oil from the studio today as the wind and rain just made painting outside about impossible. I love this pasture with the stream flowing through it and the bright greens of spring contrasting with the dark rainy skies. the cows are just an added bonus and seemed to be quite content with the tender spring grass. Oil on canvas panel, 9x12 inches.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Little Red Wagon

   Here is a new Plein Aire for a new outdoor painting season. I admit to having stayed in the studio so far this year but decided to get out and paint today while we had a little sun before the next rain storm moves in tonight. I through a couple of shots while I was painting it. The painting is 8x10 inches, oil on canvas panel.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Defender and Supplier

   This painting is from some reference photos I took at the Air Museum section of Grissom Air Force base. I intend to work up a couple of real paintings involving some of the planes there. This study is of their B17 which is on the Historical Register and painted like the Memphis Belle, in the background is C147 "Gooney Bird". The Gooney was the freight car of the skies during the war and a legend flying "over the hump" into China supplying the troops fighting through the jungles.
   This painting is 9x12 inches and in oil, it is further exploration into the split primary palette. I am finding i like this group of colors and the unity they are bringing to my paintings.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


  This painting is of a small garden pond an artist friend of mine has near one of his wifes flower gardens. I went ahead and posted some progress shots of it as well. I think I will be working this up into a larger painting later on. This one is 8x10 oil on a pretoned canvas panel.